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About What we do

Have you ever said to yourself “if people just got to know my business, they would use me every time.” With online videos created by SEOVOD, people can get to know your business before stepping a foot in your door. The best part is that online videos work 24-7-365 for you!

What We Do

SEOVOD first helps Utah businesses establish their unique online video strategy and then helps them create optimized videos around this strategy.

Who We Are

During his Graduate program, in Internet Marketing, Dustin Robins saw that search engines and consumers were responding favorable to online video. All the facts pointed that with a strategic online video marketing plan a business can increase their chances of success in the ever expanding World Wide Web. Armed with his online marketing knowledge and his passion for creating film, SEOVOD was born. SEOVOD is currently helping businesses increase their traffic, increase their brand awareness and increase their conversions with online video.

Contact Us

Send us an email at sales@seovod.com or call/text us at 801-999-8820 to get the ball rolling on your online videos. Don’t wait for your competition to pass you up.

Here at SEOVOD we sit down with our clients and create a unique, specific online video marketing strategy that increases traffic, increases brand awareness and increases conversions- Guaranteed!
Don’t wait around and let your competitors be the first to start an online video strategy. Beat them to the punch and call, email, or text us today!

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Services Pricing

Business Profile/About Us Videos

(a.k.a. Business Introduction Videos)- People buy from businesses with a story. Tell your unique story with a BP Video. Perfect for Utah business owners that want their potential customers to get to know their business before stepping a foot in their doors. These videos allow businesses to showcase their work and gain trust by adding customer’s testimonials.

Starting @ $5000

Professional Introduction Videos

Here is a way to introduce yourself to potential clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Perfect for salespeople; life insurance brokers, financial planners, real estate agents, comedians, professional speakers, etc.

Starting @ $3500

Client Testimonial/Case Study Videos

People relate to real people telling their experience with a company. Testimonial videos increase the trust factor and brand loyalty of potential clients as well as past customers.

Starting @ $4500/$6500

Training/Tutorials/Education Videos

You are the expert in your business’s realm so why not use your knowledge to teach great content. Create content rich videos on what you know and people will watch them. This in return creates brand awareness and loyal customers.

Starting @ $6500

Event Promotion Videos

Get the word out about your one-time or annual event(s). Perfect for promoting your fundraiser, your race, your city’s festival, etc. Grand-openings and a business’s anniversary videos would also be great examples of Event Promotion Videos.

Starting @ $5000